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What we do

Natural Organic Makeup

Root Minerals is a Vegan Certified professional makeup range to enhance your natural beauty, Rooted to nature, sourcing ethically and using only the highest quality raw ingredients helped achieve many milestones and we proudly hold the Vegan Certificate.

Massive range of 70 pure pigment eyeshadows, 30 organically infused lipsticks, and 36 foundation shades to find a closer foundation match instead of just mixing shades allowing industry professionals and customers to create looks only others can dream of!

Cruelty Free Makeup

Against animal testing from the very start of production. Root minerals products are all cruelty free cosmetics.

Are you in on cruelty free? 

Organic Materials

We have proudly held the Vegan Certification every year since launch and continue working closely with organisations that uphold our values!

Waterproof Mascara

Natural mascara for sensitive eyes that is waterproof, quick drying, contact lens friendly, long lasting wear and paraben free. Just like all products vegan and cruelty free.

why we do it

Makeup sensitive skin

A company truly inspired by love! Founded by Jay Bharj and his passion for helping his wife find suitable makeup to help her sensitive skin lead to an exciting journey into formulating a natural makeup range. Root Minerals launched for the first time in public at the Olympia Beauty Show in 2016!

We want to bring innovation

Introducing our new innovation natural mascara which is a cruelty free mascara and the best part is that it is vegan and can be used as root mascara because of the natural ingredients and being waterproof and suitable for sensitive eyes, click the link below for more.


What they say

Payam Zoe Pourkarimi

Manager - Hair Salon

Absolutely love all these products! The mineral foundation has great coverage and lasts all day. The lipsticks are so moisturising it feels like your wearing a balm and the colour pigment in the eyeshadows is so striking and long lasting. All whist being vegan and organic! 100% recommend.

Kelly Levell

We do ethical

High quality with no compromise on the pigment range. Think vegan version of Mac...

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